Welcome and Purpose


Welcome to the “Coast to Coast AM Watch” blog. This is a community blog, written by several contributors. The purpose of this blog is to keep tabs on the Coast to Coast AM (“C2C”) radio program.

“What’s C2C and why are you wasting your time with this?” you might ask.

C2C is a late-night radio program that airs in the United States (and affiliates elsewhere) that was begun in the 1990s by Art Bell (radio hall of fame inductee). It was taken over by George Noory in 2003, after Art retired. The usual format is a first hour news briefing for ~10 minutes with a quick guest or two, and then a first hour guest for the remainder. Usually call-in questions are taken in the latter half of the first hour. The remaining three hours are usually devoted to a single guest with callers phoning in during the final hour. There are numerous various on this format with the most common being the latter half of Friday nights are devoted to (screened) open lines, where callers can discuss any topic they want.

The subject matter is general paranormal and conspiracy. However, when Art ran it, though he definitely believed many of his guests, the tone of the show is what many would think of as “campfire stories,” such as, “Wow, wouldn’t that be neat if what the guest claimed was true!?”

With George at the helm, it has turned into more of a platform for people to make outlandish claims without any questioning other than along the lines of, “Tell us more.” Some of the more recent fill-in hosts, such as John B. Wells, have gone further and actively promote dangerous medical practices and conspiracies, though they claim not to by adding terms like, “What if … ?”

Eventually, some of us grew fed up with this going mostly unchallenged. C2C is probably the largest late-night syndicated talk show in the world with over 550 affiliates and claims of a nightly audience anywhere from 5 to 15 million people. The harm that a show like this can do, with misinformation spread to so many people, is enormous.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a commentary on particularly egregious examples of misinformation. We won’t blog about every show, we won’t blog about every topic. The person whose name appears at the top of the post may have only contributed part of it, and others have gone in and added, almost in a wiki-type setup. We aim to be as objective as possible and to provide references to the actual information or at least other references that discuss the science as opposed to the sensational claims.

Hopefully people who search the internet for more information about the topics discussed and the guests who are on will find this blog and the real information.


6 thoughts on “Welcome and Purpose

  1. It seems like a long time since Art took us down Mel’s Hole. Although Michio Kaku is always interesting we are more likely to hear something along the lines of David Wilcock’s convergence theories or torsion fields. So while we are waiting for the killshot predicted time and again by Ed Dames, I am sure that this blog will be as interesting as your other works. You will certainly have more than enough material.

  2. to unravel all the charlatanism put forth on this show would indeed be a full time job! I am glad someone is taking on some of it! John B Wells’ gobbledygook is particularly egregious. One can listen to him for several minutes and realize he has said nothing of substance whatsoever.

  3. Current C2C: Unsupported assumptions, followed by more of the same…I really get tired of C2C….When Art had at least interesting guests, it was tolerable, now it is just annoying and boring..Also, is it time to totally debunk Ed Dames?? This guy, like Nancy Lieder, is just pointless and repetitive…

    • Dale,
      Couldn’t agree more. If you have some time maybe you might take a stab at exposing Dames? We’d be happy to post your findings here. Let me know if it is something you might consider.

  4. Hey dudes! I haven’t really followed Coast to Coast too much, I only listened whenever Art Bell was on and really enjoyed it. Glad to see there is a group dedicated to keepin’ it real.

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